Bačka Palanka -Novi Sad - Slankamen - Belgrad

Extended weekend on the Danube - three days of enjoying

1. day:

After a short training in paddling from Backa Palanka "Tikvara" on the Danube, we canoe down the river accompanied by the "Floating Island" catamaran. We sail under the Backa Palanka bridge - Ilok, enter the Neštinski Danube Branch, and then enter the Susečki Danube. Paddling through the Susečki Danube we come to Šašić Ada, where the "Floating Island" waits for us, on which lunch and a short break are organised. After lunch, paddling continues to Futoški Danube branch, the "Love island", Beočinska Ada. We canoeing through Rakovačka Branch, "Novi Sad's gate" and come to Strand.
Overnight in Novi Sad.


2. day:

Day start from Dunavac at the Strand, slowly, downhill, downstream on the Danube, accompanied by catamaran boat "Floating Island". We canoe under the Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad bridges, near the estuary canal DTD, Šašić waterways ada, Majmunca, Bird Branch, Sr. Karlovci, Čortanovci. After Beščan bridge at the entrance to Gardinovački dunavac, lunch is served on the anchored boat "Floating Island". We visit the most beautiful part of the Danube in the stretch Gardinovački Branch and Krčedinska ada by canoes. We canoe further through Locki branch, visiting Slankamenačka Ada, coming up to the estuary of the Tisa river and the Danube. We finish canoeing downstream at the lighthouse in the confluence of the Tisa, at Slankamen. Overnight in Slankamen.


3. day:

After breakfast, at 9.30 AM, we continues paddling pass by the shore which is across Surduk and Belegiš. At the Banovci river island, the catamaran stops for a lunch break. The paddling then continues to Batajnica. Before reaching Zemun, we cross the Danube and paddle on the right side of the shore. After visiting the Zemun quay and War Island, the catamaran reaches the Kalemegdan Fortress. The enjoying of three dazs ends at the Nebojša Tower at about 7 PM.


Paddling difficulty: very easy, down the Danube with the accompaniment of the catamaran, on which you can rest



The price includes:

• three days of paddling on the Danube downstream from Backa Palanka till  Belgrade
• renting canoes and equipment
• accompaniment boat "Floating Island"
• three lunch on board (Danube specialty)
• bed and breakfast in Novi Sad and Slankamen


For all additional information send inquiry


What to wear:sportswear, comfortable clothing, sweaters, jackets