The Sunset

The Sunset on the "Novi Sad's Gate"

Starting point is at the Ribarsko ostrvo, on špic, where is anchored catamaran "Floating Island". At about 18.30 pm sailing starts turning out to the open Danube, continues next to the Ribarsko Ostrvo, Šodroš, Kamenička Ada.
On the "The gate of Novi Sad" in the middle of the Danube, in complete silence, when turns off the music and motors, you can enjoy a romantic sunset for about 15-20 min.
After the sunset along the Srem coast  we sailing downhill slowly to Novi Sad.
We pass under the bridge of Kamenica where already are the lights on. Meeting with Petrovaradin Fortress where we turn back is an experience for the view, panorama, because the fortress lighted and in the distance are colored lights from Petrovaradin Bridge.
Sailing ends about 20.30 pm, landing again in Dunavac on Ribarsko ostrvo.




  • Every day, depending on the weather throughout the year.

  • Duration of sailing 2  hour

  • Price - 240€/ 2 hour


Note: On the trip bring your own warm clothes, because after sunsets on the Danube is fresher.